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Push to Kindle: some stats

Our Push to Kindle service has become quite popular since we launched. Over 25,000 people currently use our Chrome extension, 7,000 use the Firefox extension and over 2,000 have installed our Android app. I recently decided to check how much of the content processed by our Push to Kindle service comes from corporate news sources. […]

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Send web articles to multiple Kindle devices

We’ve just updated our Kindle It service to allow you to send web articles to up to 5 Kindle devices in one go. Last December Amazon enabled its Kindle Personal Documents Service for iPhone/iPad users, assigning each device a new email address, and this month the same feature has been enabled for Android users. Our […]

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Kindle It 1.0

We’ve just released a new version of Kindle It, our web application for sending online articles (e.g. blog posts, news stories, Wikipedia entries) to your Kindle. It now looks like this: Try it You can test it now with the following articles: To Avert A Bloodbath — Libya And The Press: part 1 part 2 by Medialens […]

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Kindle It: Send web articles to your Kindle

Kindle It is a new service from to let you send web articles you encounter to your Kindle. If you own a Kindle device, or use the Kindle for Android app, you might find it useful. We have extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Android available. See the video below to see how the Android […]

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